27 September 2020

Do Financial Advisors Get A Work Life Balance?

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Financial advisors are frequently faced with a challenge in creating work-life balance. This means enjoying a happy personal life while still having the customers feel satisfied. Is it possible? Most of finance businesses offer 24/7 services. It means that the financial employees must also work 24 hours a day, 7 days week, to make sure that the customers get the services whenever they need them. What’s the costs? Of course, the employees’ personal life.

How to Encourage Work-Life Balance in Finance Business 

Work-life balance is certainly the right of every employee. As a manager, you need to work harder to make sure that the employees have it. They have commitments at the office as well as at home. How can they meet them? You are the key. Here are the strategies as suggested by Forbes Finance Council:

Encourage Proper Planning 

Encourage the financial advisors to design proper financial planning and use financial technology wisely. Clients of these advisors commonly have fewer complaints, as they have less anxiety. Then, use technology to provide the clients with ability to see their portfolio online and view their financial plan online. Even though the services open 24/7, financial advisors with this capability will be able to maintain a work-life balance. Why? They have less anxious clients.

Encourage Quality Communication 

It is crucial for financial advisors to communicate quality information to the clients. Encourage your employees to communicate with their clients frequently and consistently. Clients, who are confident with their knowledge, are less anxious. As a result, they call the financial advisors less frequently.

Give the Employees Time-Off 

If you have enough employees, you can set their working days. Give them chances to pay attention to their selves at least one day a week. Arrange the schedule wisely. Encourage them to use the day-off wisely. For instance, make sure that they stay away from phone calls (do not call them at any reason!), emails, texts, or social media. Therefore, they have quality time with family.

Enjoy Leisure Time Together 

Even though your company offers 24/7 services, you can analyze the patterns related to customer services. For instance, you see that the clients mostly call at 5 pm. Then, you can encourage the employees to use the daytime doing something not related to the clients. For instance, do group sports like football or go to the fitness center. Alternatively, you can buy fitness memberships for the employees.

Evaluate Their Performance Regularly 

This is a very important thing in every business. What is the relationship between evaluation and work-life balance? Regular meetings are great time to check client issues. The team can discuss the solution for each problem. The faster you solve the clients’ problems, the less anxious they are. It is less likely that they will call your company after 8 o’clock at night.

Finally, you need to understand that you will never be able to spend time equally between work and personal lives. Make sure that your employees understand it. However, you can make the employees have work-life balance by means of the abovementioned strategies.

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