27 November 2022

Why Bitcoin Is Riding the Fintech Wave

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Bitcoin is riding the wave. Thanks to FinTech big shots like PayPal and Square, interest is at an all-time high as first time traders are now easily able to purchase currency through mainstream apps. FinTech giants have started to provide its users Bitcoin as an alternative currency, thus widening their user-base. With lower transaction fees and fewer fleeting risks, both merchants and businesses are appreciating the near instantaneous settlements.

Merchants and businesses aren’t alone in their appreciation. P2P cryptocurrency payment options are not only cheaper, but faster than what is offered by conventional money service businesses. Advanced and early use by payment applications like Square and PayPal will allow simple access to a very large amount of people and offer a major position of advantage to Bitcoin.

FinTech’s power doesn’t stop with Bitcoin. It is also playing a major role in the use of Crypto ATMs. These allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrency in a secure, user-friendly way. The ATMs are popping up all over, are free to sign up, and can easily scan Bitcoin or crypto wallet address destinations. Money can be deposited and immediately converted and sent. These ATM’s also give users the added bonus of purchasing cryptocurrency with a debit or credit card.

Byte Federal CEO Lee Hansen says, “We are working diligently with our team of experts to continue to roll out new FinTech solutions, it will soon be possible to have a full banking experience at the ATM. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies, gold, and converting cryptocurrency into cash are already available to our users, next steps are going to be even more exciting and offer a host of new services.” In fact, some additional solutions we could see come from these ATM providers are features like sending money transfers overseas to loved ones using Bitcoin, enhancing the ability to change bitcoins into cash and cash into bitcoins, Bitcoin checking account services, and Bitcoin debit and credit cards.

Sending money transfers overseas to loved ones using Bitcoins 

Facilitating a fast transaction overseas can seem like a difficult task. However, Crypto ATMs have proven to be extremely instrumental for seamless cross-border payments. Fees are low, and when P2P chooses to transfer value and benefit fully from the advantages over traditional money, crypto becomes the medium to do so.

Enhancing the ability to change bitcoins into cash and cash into bitcoins 

With the rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, these ATMs have made the process of changing bitcoins into cash and cash into bitcoins easier, faster and safer. These ATMs are available in most major cities around the world, making these transactions accessible to millions, with more ATMs being installed at a rapid pace.

Bitcoin checking account services 

Opening a Bitcoin checking account is the first step in investing in Bitcoin. It is basically a virtual bank account, but unlike banks, these accounts are not insured by the FDIC and there are no checks or standard bank fees. They are great for businesses and P2P to use internationally because they are cheaper to use than traditional banking transactions. These accounts are referred to as bitcoin wallets, and opening accounts are super easy. First is deciding what type of wallet to use (private or hosted) and then selecting either an app, software, hardware, or third-party service and then simply follow the step-by-step instructions.

Bitcoin debit and credit cards 

Bitcoin debit and credit cards are on the rise. Debit cards allow individuals to make online or in-person purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs using Bitcoin, even if the vendors or ATMs do not accept cryptocurrency. Cardholders preload their debit card with a set amount of cryptocurrency which is converted automatically during the purchase. Crypto credit cards function much like regular credit cards, with the difference being that they source funds and pay rewards using digital currency like Bitcoin. Users can enjoy flexible spending with enhanced rewards due to the backing of popular and trusted card networks like Visa and Mastercard.

Crypto ATMs are changing the money game. With all of the user-friendly, safe, and accessible ways to use them, they are rapidly becoming more popular and trustworthy. It is no wonder that experts feel that Bitcoin will be able to easily serve the unbanked community. Using Bitcoin does not require one to file paperwork or open a bank account. Users need only internet access and use of a smartphone or computer. Downloading a Bitcoin wallet is typically free, some require small fees, and businesses and P2P can also store their Bitcoin on trusted crypto exchange platforms. There is not a central authority regulating how Bitcoin works which thereby eliminates the bureaucracies of traditional financial systems.

Because of FinTech giants’ recent involvement in cryptocurrency, more and more people are switching the way they use currency completely, slowly investing into cryptocurrencies, or at least have an interest in doing so. The popularity has led to the rise in Bitcoin use and therefore, the need for these crypto ATMs.

Virtual currency is not subject to government, political, or any other kind of institutional influence, allowing for complete discretion and the unbanked to transact at their convenience. Not only are individual investors excited about Bitcoin, but major institutions are entering the scene. FinTech big shots such as Square are making major investments. Square recently invested 1% of its total company assets into Bitcoin, making a strong case for any skeptics.

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